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Our Basic Security Guard Training program is designed for individuals who
are new to the security industry. This course covers fundamental concepts
and skills necessary to start your career as a security guard. Topics

  • Introduction to Security Operations
  • Communication and Conflict Resolution
  • Patrolling and Access Control
  • Emergency Response Procedures
  • Report Writing and Documentation

Security and Safety Tips

Don’t overlook the importance of safety! Gain valuable insights on safety tips and precautions to avoid any kind of safety issues. Increase your awareness and stay safe.

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Security Guard Training Blogs

Our website provides the information and resources you need to pass your security guard training, gain knowledge, and build confidence. Prepare for certification and employment opportunities with our comprehensive curriculum.

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Security Guard Training Videos

Access Control, emergency situations, report writing and communications are the subjects covered in our series of videos for security personnel studying the classroom curriculum. Get prepared with us!

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Basic Knowledge For Security Guard and Safety Awareness Training

In this new age of security, we in the industry must be prepared and knowledgeable about the security and safety techniques that have proven to work at the basic protection, prevention, and preservation levels.


This website has been created to share information on the security guards’ training requirements and qualifications for the classroom curriculum. It will educate, inspire, and be informative about different subjects and solutions involving security guard training and safety awareness.

Security and Safety Tips

In addition to our training program, we provide a wide range of safety tips and resources
to keep you informed and prepared for various security

Personal Safety

This subject encompasses the foundational principles of ensuring the safety and well-being of individuals within a given environment. Security guards are trained to recognize and mitigate potential hazards that could threaten the safety of personnel. This includes understanding and implementing protocols for access control, crowd management, and conflict resolution to prevent physical harm or injury to individuals under their protection.

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Situational Awareness

Situational awareness is the ability to perceive and comprehend one’s surroundings and understand the dynamics at play within those surroundings. Security guard training emphasizes the development of acute observational skills to detect potential threats or suspicious behavior. Guards learn to assess environmental factors, such as lighting, terrain, and crowd dynamics, to effectively anticipate and respond to security risks.

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Emergency Response

Emergency response training equips security guards with the knowledge and skills necessary to react swiftly and effectively in crisis situations. This includes implementing evacuation procedures, administering first aid, and coordinating with emergency services to mitigate the impact of emergencies such as fires, natural disasters, or security breaches.

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Crisis Management

Crisis management training prepares security guards to handle high-stress situations with composure and efficiency. This involves developing protocols for communication, decision-making, and resource allocation during crises such as bomb threats, hostage situations, or acts of terrorism. Guards learn to coordinate responses with law enforcement agencies and other relevant stakeholders to minimize harm and restore order.

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Active Shooter

In response to the increasing threat of active shooter incidents, security guard training includes specialized instruction on how to respond to such scenarios. Guards are trained to quickly assess the situation, evacuate civilians to safety if possible, and, if necessary, confront the shooter using appropriate tactics and techniques. This training emphasizes rapid decision-making and teamwork to neutralize the threat and prevent further casualties.

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Medical Emergencies

Security guards often serve as first responders in medical emergencies, requiring them to possess a basic understanding of first aid and CPR techniques. Training in medical emergencies covers the recognition of common medical conditions, proper assessment of injuries, and the administration of initial medical assistance until professional medical help arrives.

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What will I get out of this website?

Just like any other profession, Security guards are regulated by the state. Because of that, the State mandates that everyone who wants to be a security guard will have to attain a certification before they are allowed employment. Proficiency and specific knowledge are needed before becoming a licensed Security Guard. On this site, a prospect can get a JumpStart to their security training. You will know what to focus on “BEFORE” you take the certification course. Learn more info about your State here…

Will I be able to get my certification thru this website?

Unfortunately, at this time not all states recognize online certifications. This site will prepare you for that certification class with the general knowledge needed to pass the test for certification.

How much does the information cost?

This information is general but job-specific. This information is a preparation for the certified state classroom course. JumpStart Security Guard Training and Safety Tips wants all security guard prospects to gain relevant knowledge and understanding to start a foundation in security guard training. This information will give a prospect a heads-up on the subjects that will be discussed. A prospect will have to deal with other fees associated with a state-certified class.

There will be eBooks for sale for an easier reading experience.

What are those other fees?

Each state is different, so you will have to research your state’s qualifications and application procedures. There may be a fee associated with the class instruction. There are private security instruction courses all over, that are certified to teach the class. Some security companies will have their own class instruction and certification.

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