Bonus Questions For Study

Bonus Questions For Study

Let’s get right to it. These questions will prepare future security personnel for the ever-changing world of Private Security. Studying the material will give future guards a foundation. It is important to know this info and ask questions. You can’t learn too much. Something is always happening. So Get Prepared.

  1. What is the most important tool for a security guard?

    Pen and Paper – Reports are standard daily activity

  2. Observation techniques require.

    Attention to detail – Reporting what is observed

  3. What are the basic objectives for security personnel?

    Protect people and property

  4. When writing a report do you write it in chronological order?

    Date, time, location / who, what, where, when, how, why if you know

  5. Field notes are not important?

    Field notes are very important because you take them right after or during an incident. They can be used to refresh your memory. You should save notes and attach them to your report copy [Rosario Material]

  6. A report should be legible.

    True. What is the use of writing a report when no one can read it?

  7. What are the three categories of Reports?
    Crime Report against persons or property Non-Crime Medical, communications log Administrative- Daily activity reports

  8. Reports are considered legal documents.

    True. Reports are an official, permanent record of specific security activity

  9. Security personnel can talk about their clients to anyone?

    False Violating company confidentiality is unethical. Information is considered property

  10. What is expected of security personnel at All times?

    Professionalism and Integrity Security guards are responsible for enforcing the safety and integrity rules in the workplace

  11. What are the different types of Identification excepted at access control?

    Employee I.D w/ photo, building visitors pass

  12. Visual Recognition is the best form of I.D.?

    False- Visual recognition is the worst form of identification.

    Imagine you see James. He works on the 10th floor. Security is supposed to be notified when an employee is terminated. Well, James entered the building at your post. You let him in because you recognize him. You did not know he got fired. Now he is en route to his boss’s office with a gun in his bag. “Trust but Verify”

  13. Physical Barriers can be natural or manmade.
    Natural barriers- rivers, bushes, mountains
    Man-made – Fence, doors, windows, locks

  14. Radios are used to communicate confidential information.
    Never communicate sensitive info over the radio. Radio transmissions are not secure.

    Note: Radios are an important piece of equipment. Take care of them. Check radios before you take it to post. If you get to post with a broken radio you will be responsible for a replacement.

  15. Who is the first person visitors or guests see when they enter a facility?

    The security guard is the first perception of the company. Security must portray high values, and good interpersonal and communication skills.

  16. What types of emergencies does security respond to?

    Fires, explosions, bomb threats, medical victims, and suspicious packages Evacuations are considered emergencies. Hazardous materials, Natural disasters

  17. What does security do when they respond to a crime scene?

    Do Not Enter, unless someone needs assistance and it is safe for you to enter, otherwise stay out secure the scene and wait for the police.

  18. Why is it so important for a security officer to know the Emergency Prepared Plan?

    It will tell them what their assignments are in response to a particular event.

  19. Concerning Hazardous Material accidents– What is “Right to Know”?

    This is part of a law that allows employees to ask questions and voice concerns about the materials that are in a facility. You may ask what the proper methods of protection are- gloves, masks, MOP suit

  20. What is Robbery? Forcible taking of property

  21. What is burglary? Entering a dwelling with the intent to commit a crime therein

  22. What must the use of Deadly Force be under the law?


  23. Can Deadly force be used to protect property? NO

  24. What does “Imminent” mean? It means pressing and urgent

  25. Unpredictable patrols are an effective deterrence in preventing violations.

    True -Stagger your patrols. Don’t patrol the same route the same way unless you are directed to do so

  26. Security guards must become familiar and know who to contact in an emergency.

    True Every property has a different reporting structure

  27. Do security guards secure crime scenes?

    Yes It is a critical role of the security guard to secure a crime scene and protect the evidence

  28. Operations Orders are designed by property managers. What is it designed to do?

    It is designed to inform the security guard of the policies and procedures they are expected to know and execute while working at their assigned post.

  29. What is the first thing to do after you discover a fire?

    Sound the Alarm

  30. What is the second thing you do after you sound the alarm?

    Call 911 -Don’t expect someone else to do it. They may not know there is a fire.

  31. What is the third thing you do after calling 911?

    Evacuate knowing the evacuation route before you need it and the rally point where everyone will meet for a headcount

  32. What is the best way to patrol?

    Being visible and unpredictable

  33. What chemical agent primarily attacks the airway and lungs?

    Choking (CL) chlorine(gas or liquid) Dryland drowning

  34. A nonliving substance produced by living plants and animals can be used as a biological agent is called?

    Toxin- a poisonous substance produced by chemical changes in plant and animal tissue

  35. What are the 4 routes of entry into the body?
    Inhalation- you inhale Ingestion- eat something Absorption-absorbs through your pores(Fentanyl)

    Injection- a hypodermic needle

  36. What is the placard number for gasoline? 1203

  37. What is the placard for Clorine? 1017

  38. What is diesel n..o.s? 1993

  39. Hydrogen cyanide?

    Depending on its form(liquid or gas) 1051, 1613, 1614, 3294

  40. While investigating a possible fire on the other side of a door, the security guard should feel the door with the palm of his hand.

    False. Always use the back of your hand. If the door is hot your only injury will be the back of your hand. The hand can still function.

  41. If a security guard exceeds his authority, he and his client can face criminal or civil liability for their actions.

    True. You can also face suit for inaction. Doing nothing.

  42. What are the signs and symptoms of a large dose of radiation?

    Nausea, Vomiting, diarrhea, and burns

  43. What is the intent of a radiological dispersal device (Dirty Bomb)?

    The intent is to spread radiological contamination and cause public panic

  44. When responding to an explosion, Always be mindful of a second device.

    TRUE. The bad guys will plant one bomb to kill as many as they can and funnel the rest of the victims into a secondary device. First responders are in that funnel

  45. When a security guard finds a suspicious package he should open it to see what it is.


  46. Radios should not be used around potentially explosive devices.

    TRUE Radio frequencies can initiate an explosion

  47. Why should a security guard wear PPE(Personal Protective Equipment) when dealing with injured individuals?

    To protect them from BloodBorne Pathogens – hepatitis B and C, ebola is spread by bodily fluids like blood

  48. What is the process of removing biological and or contaminants from tools and equipment?

    Clean and Sanitize 10:1 water to bleach

  49. What is the order of authority called?

    Chain of Command

  50. Who is the initial public safety service provider arriving at a scene?

    Security guards are usually the first on the scene in incidents on their property.

    Understand, that you will have to put the time into getting the knowledge and the qualifications to be a professional security officer. Some places pay you by how much you know about the business. So don’t stop learning. Remember security is a work in progress. Stay Safe. Till next time. Please feel free to email and tell me if the questions were helpful.



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