Frequently asked questions

What will I get out of this website?

Just like any other profession, Security guards are regulated by the state. Because of that, the State mandates that everyone who wants to be a security guard will have to attain a certification before they are allowed employment. Proficiency and specific knowledge are needed before becoming a licensed Security Guard. On this site, a prospect can get a JumpStart to their security training. You will know what to focus on "BEFORE" you take the certification course. Learn more info about your State here...

Will I be able to get my certification thru this website?

Unfortunately, at this time not all states recognize online certifications. This site will prepare you for that certification class with the general knowledge needed to pass the test for certification.

How much does the information cost?

This information is general but job-specific. This information is a preparation for the certified state course. JumpStart Security Guard Training and Safety Tips want all security guard prospects to gain relevant knowledge and pass certification classes. This information will give a prospect a heads-up on what the class will entail. There are other fees associated with a state-certified class that a prospect will have to deal with.

There will be eBooks for sale for an easier reading experience.

The Practice Course is free as of now. As of April 1, 2023, the Practice Course will be put on Sale for a ridiculous LOW, Low price. So get it now while it's free.

What are those other fees?

Each state is different, so you will have to research your state's qualifications and application procedures. There may be a fee associated with the class instruction. There are private security instruction courses all over, that are certified to teach the class. Some security companies will have their own class instruction and certification.