Jumpstart your security guard training and knowledge of safety tips with this website. Considered a guide to security guard training platforms, it provides the necessary information to pass the general knowledge state test for security guard certification. The content is designed to be easy to read and retain, complete with safety tips for everyone’s safety and stories from behind the shield. Enjoy!

This website serves as a training option and solution for those seeking knowledge to become security officers or guards. It also acts as a refresher for guards already in the field. The course of study prepares future students for their state security course, offering insights into what to expect when taking the class for certification. It helps build confidence and starts an action plan for studying and practicing the qualifications needed to secure meaningful work as a professional security officer.

The role of a security officer is vast. Understanding policies and procedures helps officers comprehend the daily operations of a location with hired security. A good working knowledge of the Emergency Preparedness Plan (EPP) enables you to minimize as much risk as possible to yourself and your client.