Two of the most important tools for a security guard are pen and paper. Security personnel writes reports as part of their daily activities at a post. The reports will have essential information about any single day or incident. The reports are made to communicate information to the client, employer, police, and even in a court hearing.

When writing a report, the security personnel must remember the essentials in that report. Which are: who, what, when, where, how, why, and what action was taken. The report should be written in chronological order of what occurred. When writing the report, the report should be legible. It must be able to be read. What good is a report if you can’t read it? When writing reports tell the FACTS ONLY of what you know. Never embellish a story. Just tell the TRUTH. Always.

Remember the goal of your report is to pass on information that may be critical to a client facility. Information that could lessen the clients’ liability. Observations of incidents affecting the safety of employees, guests, and visitors will be reported immediately. The report should be complete with all the information. It will be concise. Just the facts. It should be clear and correct with no misspellings. No slang. Beware of foul language in the report. Only put foul language in the report if it was part of someone’s statement. Make sure to put the statement in “quotes”.

Hint: Have someone proofread your report before you hand it in. Save and attach your field notes to your copy of the report. Rosario material ( court case where field notes, reports, and written statements were the issue).

Any reports that are done by security personnel are considered legal documents and can be used in court.

Sample report

A/T/P/O, (At the time and place of occurrence), I, Security Guard EAR, at 2145 hrs did observe a m/w/approx.23 yrs of age ( later known to be John Smith ) wearing black jeans, black boots, and a green t-shirt.

The suspect was caring a crowbar and was observed entering the Summit warehouse and distributor located at 1234 Pirate Lane. The warehouse was closed for business at that time and no one was in the building.

I notified 911 that a possible burglary was taking place and gave the operator the description. While waiting for police to arrive, I observed the suspect exit the warehouse carrying a bag, at 2150 hrs.

He headed south on Pirate Lane. Seconds later the police arrived at 2151 hrs.

Police Officer Dan #265 and his partner Officer Paul #864 took down the description I had given and headed south on Pirate Lane. After the police left the area, I notified my supervisor John Peter of the incident and requested incident # 2387/22, and submitted my report. A notification was also made at 2157 hrs to the client, Manager Jeffrey Bossman who advised that he will be responding to the warehouse.

This report was generated by Officer EAR with facts of what I observed and know to be true.



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